Roy Walston II
Raymond Roy Walston II, better known by all as Roy, is a 4th generation
Texas rancher on both sides of his family in Menard and Mason counties.
He has been involved in all aspects of stock show for nearly 50 years; from
raising and showing sheep and steers, to judging, coaching, and buying.
Roy has dedicated an enormous amount of time to bettering the livestock
industry through stock shows. Roy's father, Raymond, started several
feedlots in west Texas where Roy saw whole of market beef sales. Roy
con􀀘nued his interest in livestock through college at Angelo State
University where he was on the livestock judging team. Roy has been a
part of 4-H for 47 years including coaching livestock teams and national
champion wool and mohair teams. Roy has dedicated 33 years to the Texas
Agriculture Extension Service.
However, of all the things Roy has done for livestock and the extension
service, he is especially proud to be a dedicated husband and father. Roy
has been married to Serena for 35 years and has two wonderful and
successful kids, both of whom served their country by serving in the Navy.
Roy's passion was and is livestock and the livestock shows. He was born
with it, raised in it, and continues to teach his children and anyone who
will listen the importance of livestock and the impact it will have on future