Dolly Coldwell
Dolly Coldwell has been around stock shows all her life. She grew up around horses and traveled to many states showing Appaloosas. She says that the fun times and memory makers she had growing up were really great life lessons and she wanted to make sure her daughter, Cassy, experienced the same thing. However, when she married Robert, the species changed, but the love for the environment did not. She has been part of the HCDJLS for many years. She became actively involved when Cassy, began showing pigs over 20 years ago. “When Cassy and her dad, could do the work in the back of the barn better without me, I began helping more with the show.” She jokes. Dolly has worked in many different areas of the show including swine superintendent, the fundraiser, updating the catalog each year, and being on the Executive Board. She has been the secretary since 2002. “I am excited about the progress this organization has made, how far we have come over the years, and the monetary support for scholarships that we have given. The most important thing to me that has not changed is kids learning life skills, respect, and responsibilities. I am proud to be part of the HCDJLS family.”
Janet Goldman
Livestock shows are a family affair. A member of Janet Goldman’s family has shown at the District Livestock Show every year since 1953. Janet began showing in the first grade and has been an active volunteer, director and committee chairman’s since returning home in 1986. Her children, Jody and Jacqueline followed in the family footsteps exhibiting livestock for 12 years, have earned scholarships and return to volunteer with the show. Currently, she has tow great nephews, three great nieces and cousins showing. In 1988, she became the Association’s CPA. In 1996, she led the effort to develop the computer software which operates the annual show and worked to expand the annual Fundraiser. She currently serves as an Executive Board member, the chairman of the Office Committee and a valuable member of the Fundraiser Committee. Jane fondly refers to the Association as her “stock show family.” Her philosophy of her family’s livestock show experience is “Give back to what has brought you to where you are today.” she takes great pride in the accomplishments of our “all volunteer” Association and enjoys watching the countless past stock show kids who return to make a contribution.
Becky Ingram Henderson
Becky has been involved with the Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show since December of 1991 when she married her husband Rusty. They have three children, Brian, Jamie and Jordan who were all raised in the showing, and three grandchildren who are carrying on the tradition of showing lambs and goats. Becky was appointed to the General Board in 1993 and was on of the first females elected to the Executive Board in 1999 where she served as Secretary. Beck has been a Lamb Superintendent for the past 11 years and presently serves on the Sign-Up-Committee was well as the Sales Order Committee. Becky has always wanted to best for the young people of our county and district. She has always strived hard to make sure all participants in the Hill Country Junior District Livestock Show have an enjoyable learning experience. Becky feels that she is very fortunate to have been part of the organization for so many years. This organization has taught values and morals to children who might not have learned these lessons otherwise. Many young people have succeeded in life due to the experiences they achieved and the many friends they have made through this organization.